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Figuring (dBA) noise levels for multiple fans and fan panels.

Add the highest dBA noise level to the dBA increase amount shown for the number of fans/panels being used.

Number of Fans/Panels

dBA Level increase

2 3.0
3 4.8
4 6.0
5 7.0
6 7.8
7 8.5
8 9.0
9 9.5
10 10.0

Protect your rack gear from thermal overload!
Prevent costly repairs and increase the life
and performance of your gear!

(4) 40mm high power fans deliver a constant airflow to cool down the hottest racks. Standard TV440 models blow air into the rack for optimal cooling power. Model TV440E is set up to exhaust or pull the air out of the rack. Exhausting is typically recommended when used along with a standard intake fan to create a controlled airflow.

See the package deals we have available for pairs and multiple quantities.

You can also customize this fan on the CUSTOM page.

Standard vent panels only allow a small amount of heat to escape using natural air currents. Heat can build up as things get hotter from prolonged use, causing thermal damage to your equipment.

Excessive heat will shorten the life of the electrical components inside your amps and other gear. - It can cause amplifiers to perform with decreased output and increased distortion and clipping. - Servers and other equipment with computer processors can operate slowly due to excessive heat build up. - As well as the worst case scenario where all equipment can suffer from thermal overload and shut down.
Components can be cooked resulting in very expensive repair costs.

The PROCOOL TURBO VENT is cheap insurance and peace of mind.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like a professional to assist with your cooling plan.

We have many options available.




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TV440 (Intake)

TV440E (Exhaust)

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Panel SIze: (1U) 19" x 1.75"
Panel color/material: black/lexan
Fan Size: 40mm x 40mm x 20mm
Fan Speed: 6000 RPM
Air Flow: 28 CFM
Noise: 32 dBA
Bearings: Brushless Ball Bearings
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC - 12 VDC
Power Supply Cable length 48"
Current draw: 0.24A
Power consumption: 2.88w
Grills/Guards: Black Wire