Procool 1U vent panel

65% open space - Fan mountable

1U vent panel

The New PROCOOL vent panels feature 65% open space for the most airflow. Optional fans can be easily mounted to the panel. The slots are aligned to fit the mounting holes of the fans. Up to 6 (40mm) fans can be mounted to the 1U VENT and up to 4 (80mm) fans can be mounted to the 2U VENT. Fans sold separately.

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Optional fan mounting:

The vent slots are spaced to align with the mounting holes on 40mm fans.
To mount fans, position the fans on the back of the panel so the mounting holes line up with the vent slots.
Use 10/24 x 1/4" button head screws to attach the fans.
The screw will go through the front of the panel into the fan mounting holes.
Up to 6 40mm fans can be easily mounted to the 1U Vent panel.
Fans and mounting screws sold separately.

Panel Size: (1U) 19" x 1.75" x 0.5"
Panel color/material: black/metal
Fans: optional
Fan Size: Optional 40mm x 40mm
Air Flow: 65% open space

Installation Instructions

Mount the vent panel in the desired location.

Mounting Optional Fans

Fans can be mounted to the vent panel very easily. The vent slots are positioned to line up with fan mounting holes.
Position the fans on the panel and line the mounting holes up. Screw in using any 10/32 x 1/2" or equivalent fan screw.
Or you can purchase fan screws in Accessories/Mounting Plates

Care and Maintenance

To maintain optimal performance, keep the vents clean. Canned air works well.

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Reviewed By: Jimmy on May 23rd 2016

The best rack cooling fan I've ever owned.

Reviewed By: John on May 24th 2016

Keeps my rack cool and is absolutely silent.

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