Whether you are shopping for rack mount fans or cabinet fans PROCOOL systems are the professional's choice. Procool pioneered the rack mount fan industry in truly quiet systems. Providing more airflow with less noise, Procool fans evolved into an industry standard for noise sensitive environments like recording studios and home entertainment.
If a high airflow fan is your preference Procool also offers military quality High power systems up to 336 CFM. Procool will also build fans to your specs. Contact customer service for details.

Choosing a system:

Procool offers a wide variety of Rackmount fan systems and cabinet cooling systems. Read the Airflow vs Noise guide to get started.

Understanding the model numbers:

SX Series: (fan models SX40, 40mm and SX80, 80mm)
The SX series of fans are the quietest model fans. With lower airflow and pressure they are great for circulating air and in noise sensetive locations. Multiple SX fans can be used to increase airflow without adding a lot of noise. For example, 4 of the SX80 fans run at only 20 dBA while providing a cumulative 128 CFM of airflow.

SXT Series: (model SXT80, 80mm)
Procool model SXT80 fans are temperature controlled variable speed, ranging from 1200 RPM at start to 2400 RPM at full speed. Each fan has a temp sensor (thermistor probe) that should be located on or near the heat source. The sensor tells the fan how fast to run. At low temps the fan will run at 1200 RPM. When the sensor detects heat above 80F the fan will start to speed up. The fan will reach full speed of 2400 RPM at about 104F. The fan temp sensors can be moved to optimize or fine tune fan operation.

SL Series: (model SL40B, 40mm Blue LED and models SL80B, SL80G, SL80P, SL80R all 80mm)
The SL series of fans are all LED luminated when on. The SL40B is used typically in some 1U rackmount panels. Moderately bright Blue LED's provide cool and convenient light in your rack. High airflow with some noise.
Models SL80? are medium speed quiet LED fans available in Blue, Green, Purple and Red.

PM Series: (model PM80, 80mm message fan)
The PM80 model fan is an 80mm LED fan with programmable message. See the PM80 fan page for more details.

TV Series: (model TV40, 40mm and TV80, 80mm)
The TV series fans are high airflow ball bearing fans. Designed for industrial applications. Most common applications are data centers where higher airflow and pressure are required. Also suitable for any standard 19" rack mount application where high airflow is needed.

T Series: (model T80, 80mm)
The T80 fan has the most airflow of all our fans. Extreme cooling power with the highest airflow and pressure ratings.It is noisy but compared to other fans in it's class it rates much lower. Typical applications would be certain switches in data center application thaqt run very hot. Other industrial applications where high heat require extreme cooling.

If you have questions or need assistance figuring out the best system, give us a call. Our professional staff understand cooling and can help.
We welcome your calls! It's best to make sure you are getting the proper cooling rather than guessing. We are highly experienced in cooling about everything so a quick call can often prove beneficial. We highly recommend contacting us for larger orders. Volume discounts are available.