Procool AVP-MFC

AVP-MFC Multi Zone Fan Controller

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Control individual temperature settings for each fan or control Globaly with one.

Configure a custom cooling system or add to an existing rack mount or cabinet fan system for temperature controlled operation.

Set the Global temp setting to control all 4 fans together or set individual temp profiles for each fan.

The fan controller will monitor the temperatures and start and stop the fans when the user preset temps are reached.
When the ON temp is reached the fans will start. Once the temp has cooled to the OFF temp setting the fans will shut off.
The easy to read Blue LED display shows the temperature in C or F for convenient monitoring. The display can be turned off if desired without affecting operation of the system.
Additionally the fan controller can be set to Always On Mode which bypasses the temperature control function if needed. (Helpful if the temp probe were to get damaged.)

Connect individual fans or rack mount fans or combinations to gain temperature control. Rack mount fans will require a plug adaptor.
Y splitters can be used to add additional fans. The number of aditional fans would be limited to the power rating of the power supply.
The included power supply is rated at 2A. This will support up to 8 of our SX or SXT series fans or 4 of our high TV series fans. For Ultra high airflow T series fans a 6A power supply is required.

AVP-MFC Includes:
  • Fan Controller
  • Temperature Probe
  • Shelf mount bracket with screws
  • Power supply
  • Control 4 fans independently with 4 temp profiles
  • Large Blue LED display (Switchable- on or off)
  • Switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Temp range from 32-212 F (0-100 Celsius)
  • Switch from thermal control to always on mode
  • 32" thermal probe (48" Extensions are available separately)


Fan Controller Connections

Thermal Probe

Fan Controller:

User sets the controller's on and off temps to start and stop the system. Set a Global temp that will control all 4 fans together and/or set individual temps for each fan.
Each of the 4 fan power connectors are numbered 1 thru 4 corresponding to the front panel LED indicators. When the LED's are on that fan will be on. When the LED's are off those fans will be off.
Global setting: Front panel LED's for fans 1-4 are all on.
Individual setting: Front panel LED on for the selected or operating fans.

Typical start temp is about 80-85F. Off temp at or slightly above room temp. These settings can be adjusted for optimal performance. The controller has a temp sensor that should be located on or near the heat source, or can be located at the top of the cabinet for an ambient reading. This temp is displayed on the controller during operation for easy monitoring. Or, the display can be shut off during operation. (See Operating instructions)

Programming Temperature profiles:

Set the Global range higher than individual fan settings. If the highest individual temp is for example 90F set the Global temp to 92F or higher. If the Global temp is set to start at 85F then any fans set to start at 90F they will start when the Global start point of 85F is reached. Likewise if using the Global setting, make sure all individual settings are set outside of the Global range. The same rule applies for the OFF settings.

See Operating Instructions for more details

Thermal Probe


A shelf mount is included. Use to mount the controller under a shelf or top of the cabinet.
Optional wall mount and 1U rack mount are also available.

power supply

Power Supply Model PSW-12V1A:

Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Input Power: 9.6w
Input Plug Type: NEMA 1-15
Output Voltage: 12VDC +/-5%
Output Current: 1A +/-5%
Output Power: 12w
Output Cord Length: 36"
DC Plug Type: 2.1mm barrel plug
Operating Temperature: -10oC - 40oC
Operating Humidity: 30% - 90%


Size: 71mm x 40mm x 25mm
Operating Instructions:

Operating InstructionsAVP-MFC.pdf

Cutout: 68mm x 37mm
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Input Plug: 2.1mm Barrel Plug
Output Voltage: 12VDC
Max Output Amps: 6A
Output Plugs: 4
Output Plug Type: 3 Pin molex type

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Reviewed By: Jimmy on May 23rd 2016

The best rack cooling fan I've ever owned.

Reviewed By: John on May 24th 2016

Keeps my rack cool and is absolutely silent.

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