Procool SP640C Custom 1U Temp Controlled rack mount fan system

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Model number SP640C

Picture is for reference only. The model shown is SP640TV.

The SP640C features the Procool Fan Controller with temperature display. The fan controller starts and stops the fans at the user programmed settings. The Blue LED display shows the temperature in C or F. Or, the display can be shut off during operation. The rear selector switches from TC (temp control) to ON. In TC mode the controller functions by temp settings, in ON mode the fans will turn on and run until turned off. This bypasses the temp sensor and settings.

fan controller

Fan Controller/Temperature display...

User sets the controller's on and off temps to start and stop the system. Typical start temp is about 80-85F. Off temp at or slightly above room temp. These settings should be adjusted for optimal performance. The controller has a temp sensor that should be located on or near the heat source, or can be located at the top of the cabinet for an ambient reading. This temp is displayed on the controller during operation for easy monitoring. Or the display can be shut off during operation. (See instructions)

power supply

Power supply model # AVP-PS2A

Input: 100-240 VAC

Output: 12VDC/5VDC

AC Cable plug types: NEMA 1-15P to IEC320C7 (figure 8) The AC cable 60 in. and is removable.

DC Cable: 4 pin molex (connects to back of controller)

Fan Options

Model SX40
Model SX40
14 dBA, 6 CFM per fan
21.8 dBA, 36 CFM (x6)

Model TV40
Model TV40
26 dBA, 7.17 CFM per fan
42.6 dBA, 33.8 CFM (x6)

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Model GRL-40B
Model GRL-40B
Black wire grill

Model GRL-40C
Model GRL-40C
Black wire grill

Model GRL-FLT40
Model GRL-FLT40
Black filter grill

Note: Filter grills are mounted to the intake side of the fan.
Select airflow direction. Intake or Exhaust.
Panel Color
Custom colors can be special ordered.
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C14 adaptor cable

Converts NEMA 5-15R to IEC320 C14
Use to connect all Procool power supplies to C13 receptacle.
Length = 12 inches
Part No. PSA-C14

EU plug adaptor

Converts US or EU plug to fit Australian outlets
Part no. PSA-AU

AU plug adaptor

Converts US and UK plug to fit European outlets
Part no. PSA-EU